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Dr Oz : Are Hormones Causing You To Gain Weight?

Have you tried everything to lose weight but still can’t reach your goal weight? You diet and exercise rigorously but you just can’t reach your weight loss goals.  Well, today Dr. Oz said that it could be your hormones that are inhibiting your fat loss.   He also shares secrets to “Melt Your Weight Fast” and how to reset your hormones.

Dr. Oz said that it could be your hormones that are keeping your from losing those excess pounds.  You may have heart of they thyroid that keeps you from losing weight, but Dr. Oz said that there are also other hormones that could be keeping you fat.  He said that if you can get your hormones to work together to actually help your weight loss efforts.

What Is A Hormonal Imbalance?

Dr. Oz said that there are 5 hormones that regulates your body’s ability to burn fat proficiently.  If some of these hormones are out of balance you may find weight loss to be quite difficult.  However, you can learn how to “reset your hormones” to get your bodies fat burning hormones to work properly and give your metabolism a boost.  Dr. Oz had on a guest named  “Dr. Natasha Turner, who is the author of The Hormone Diet” talk about hormonal imbalance and what you can do to reset your hormones.  She said that everything from cravings to where you store your fat are controlled by hormones!

Reset Your Hormones Quiz

Dr. Oz Resetting Your Hormones Quiz - Hormonal Imbalance

Dr. Oz had a quiz for viewers to ask themselves to see if they (you) need to reset your hormones.  Here are the questions to the quiz that were shared on the show :

  • Is your hair thinning, brittle, or even falling out?
  • Do you suffer from gas, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation?
  • Do you feel tired, stressed out, or anxious?
  • Do you skip meals?
  • Do you have belly fat?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the questions on the quiz you may a person who needds to reset their hormones.  Dr. Nastasha Turner said that people who suffer from hormonal imbalance needs to focus on that problem and many of their weight loss issues will take care of themselves.

Dr. Oz said that the hormones in our body act as a guide and send instructions to our body to release fat or to store fat.  Having just one or two hormones out of balance can cause your body to hold on to fat.  There are many factors that can affect your hormones such as anxiety, stress, or even lack of sleep.  (Ok, I suffer from all three!)

Dr. Turner told Dr. Oz that stress is the #1 culprit to hormonal imbalance.  While exercise can relieve stress, over exercising can increase stress on your body and affect hormone levels.  When estrogen, insulin, and cortisol get all out of whack, this can lead to “Toxic Stress”.   Toxic stress can cause you to pack on the pounds and inhibit your weight loss efforts.


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