Dr Oz March 12 2012 Episode Segments

Dr Oz March 12 2012 Episode Segments

Dr Oz March 12, 2012 Show

Did you miss today’s show?  Today’s Dr Oz March 12 2012 episode talked about embarrassing home remedies, sugar substitute facts, and more.  Here is the breakdown of each segment from today’s show.

Dr Oz Remedies For Cold Sores, Butt Acne, Sweaty Feet – This segment on today’s March 12 2012 episode dealt with all those embarrassing health ailments that your too afraid to ask.  Loud stomach noises, butt acne, cold sores, sweaty feet, vaginal discharge, and more.

Dr Oz Foods To Help You Sleep, Scottish Oatmeal, Tart Cherries – You don’t have to take sleeping pills to help you sleep at night.  Learn about what foods are high in tryptophan and melatonin, which can help promote restful sleep.  Scottish Oatmeal has both melatonin and tryptophan.  Find out what it is, and how you can buy it.

Miso Paste, Coconut Milk Creamer Flavor Boosters – Swap out these foods (and more) to help you lose weight without even trying! Cut calories by swapping in these low calorie flavor boosting alternatives.

Are Sugar Substitutes Safe? Do They Make You Fat? -  Dr. Oz separates fact from fiction with Keri Peterson as they talk about artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes.  Find out what you should know and some healthy alternatives to using sugar substitutes.

Fat Burning Ramen Noodle Seared Salmon Recipe – Dr Oz shares the stage with Chef Marcus Samuelsson as he shares his fat burning Ramen Noodle Seared Salmon Recipe.  Find out what metabolism boosting spices that Chef Samuelsson uses in this recipe that costs less than 10 dollars to make.

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