Dr Oz, Life After Death, Psychic Readings Char, 3 Steps To Love

Dr Oz Life After Death, Psychic Readings and 3 Steps To Love

Dr Oz Talks With Char About Life After Death

Today’s (March 23, 2012) Dr Oz Show has probably been on everyone’s mind at some point regardless of your beliefs on the issue.  Is there life after death, and what happens after we die?  Dr. Oz invited Char on to his show to talk about this subject.  Dr Oz admits that he doesn’t have all the answers but some psychic mediums claim that they do.  Today’s show was so popular they had to bring in extra chairs for the audience.

Char says that she communicates with the dead all the time.  Could you have loved ones that have passed days, weeks, months, or even years ago that are trying to communicate with you?  Char Margolis seems to think that the answer is yes.

Char says that she has been a medium since she was a little girl.  She claims that she saw a spirit at the end of her bed.  (I’m glad this has never happened to me!)  She said that animals have instincts, and people have intuition (a 6th sense).

What Does Char Thinks Happens To Us When We Die?

Char thinks that we all have our own unique energy thumbprint.  Just like we have a physical body we also have an ethereal body.  Our ethereal body goes to another plane.

Dr Oz had a human brain on his stage to explain what the functions our brains do while we are alive.  The back of the brain controls our balance and tells us where we are in the world.  The front portion of the brain is what makes us human.

Dr Oz asked Char how fast your soul leaves your body after you die.  Char said it depends on the person.  Char said that most people will see a bright light and it will be someone that they know and love.  She said that we all have guardian angels and spirit guides amongst us.  She asked the audience how many people believe that they have guardian angels.  The majority of the audience clapped.

Dr Oz said that some people in his family claim they have seen ghosts.  He asked Char if there are spirits hanging around and are they able to give us advice.

Char Does Live Psychic Reading On Stage

Dr Oz picked out a lady from the audience named Maria to have a live psychic reading.  Char said that she could see someone whose name was also Maria.  Maria said that her grandmother had her same name.  She also asked Maria if she had a loss of someone close to her in the past two years.  Maria said yes, her husband had passed away.  Char said that she felt her husband with her.  She asked if his passing was unexpected.  Maria said that it was.  Char asked Maria that her husband was showing her that Maria wears his shirt to bed.  Maria started to tear up and said that yes she does wear his shirt to bed.  Char asked many more questions, and Maria could identify with them all. It was very touching to watch.

Char did another pyschic reading and she was once again she brought the woman to tears.

Dr Oz was quite fascinated by the psychic readings.

3 Steps To Love Intuition

Dr Oz followed the Life after Death segment with one called the “3 Steps To Love”. Dr Oz asked Char if everyone has intuition? She said yes, everyone has a 6th sense.

Dr Oz asked Char how we can use intuition to find love. She said that it’s important to understand that we all have the gift of intuition.

How To Get The Love You Want

  • Visualize What Love “Looks” Like
  • Use Your Intuitive Radar
  • You should just do more than just recognize that your intuitive.  You should also act upon it, because if you don’t act upon it, what good is it?

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