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Dr Oz Invites Laura Berman On To His Show – Maca Root Boosts Sex Drive and Libido

Has the fizzle went out in your bedroom?  Dr Oz invited back one of his favorite sex therapists, Laura Berman on to his show to share some sex drive boosting remedies (Maca Root) that you may have not heard of.

Laura Berman has written a number of books on sex, relationships, and reconnecting with your partner.  She has even hosted her own sex counseling show on Oprah’s network (OWN).

Maca Root Powder Sex Drive Booster

Maca Root Powder Can Boost Sex Drive

Maca Root comes from the root of a plant found in the Andes Mountains in the far off lands of Bolivia and Peru.  There are phyto chemicals found in the Maca Root that will give you that libido boost that you need and rev up your sex drive.  Why hadn’t I heard of this before?

Maca Root comes in supplement form but you can also add the powder to your meals and even mix it into your beverages.

Where Do You Find Maca Root?

You can find the supplement in most health food shops across America.  You can also purchase it Online.  Use a company and brand name that you want.

Laura Berman On Sex Toys

Sometimes you don’t need a supplement to help get you in the mood.  Laura Berman is an advocate on sex toys. I’ve seen her show on OWN and she has brought up this subject often during her show.  Sometimes all it takes is “mixing things up” in the bedroom for some added excitement that may have been lacking.

Sex toys can be found in adult stores, but many people aren’t comfortable with purchasing sex toys this way.  An alternative method would be to buy your sex toys online.  They come discreetly packaged and nobody else will know except for you and your partner.

Sometimes when women get older they need some added stimulation to enhance pleasure and lubrication.  Sex toys may be help enhance your sexual experience and boost that libido that may have been in decline for some time.

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