Dr Oz Parasites and Worm Tea Remedy, Wormwood, Papaya Seeds, Garlic

Dr Oz Parasites and Worm Remedy – Wormwood Tea, Papaya Seeds, Garlic Supplements

Garlic, Papaya Seeds, and Wormwood Tea Kill Parasites

The prior segment on today’s Dr. Oz show discussed parasite warning signs and symptoms.  It was quite disturbing seeing images of what parasites look like and the fact that they can live inside your stomach for years! In fact, Dr Oz gave the shocking statistic that over 40 million Americans are living with parasites thriving inside of our bodies! Dr Oz spoke with Dr Robynne Chutkan about the best ways to prevent parasitic infections.

First of all you should wash your hands regularly as well as your fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Acid Reducers

Stomach Acid provides a natural defense barrier against infections and parasites.  When you reduce the acid in your stomach you make an ideal environment for parasites to grow.

Eat Two Cloves Of Garlic A Day

Garlic has natural anti-microbial properties and they can kill parasites.  If you don’t want to take two cloves of garlic in raw form you can buy 1000mg garlic supplements in health food stores.  Dr. Oz said that he loves the fact that there are foods out there that have protected our ancestors as well.

Wormwood Tea

Wormwood Tea is very effective at killing roundworms.  It works by paralyzing the roundworms in the stomach.  The roundworms can move, reproduce, or eat.  Good, because I hat the thought of a worm eating me!   You can brew Wormwood as a tea, and you can also by Wormwood extract to help kill those nasty roundworms.  We de-worm our animals, so doesn’t it make sense to de-worm ourselves as well?

Papaya Seeds With Honey

Dr. Oz said that Papaya Seeds have been proven to remove parasites in studies. Papaya Seeds contain an enzyme which is a natural enzyme which breaks down membranes.  Mix a 1/4 cup of Papaya seeds with one tablespoon of honey.  Take this mixture of Papaya seeds and honey for 10 days.

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  1. Kristin

    Is there a place I can purchase papaya seeds, without having to buy the full fruit and harvest the seeds? I can’t seem to locate the seeds!?!?
    I am having the lower pelvic pain with other symptoms and have had this a few times in the past. Doctors have never been able to pinpoint the problem but it is definitely there! (ugh & ouch)
    I would like to do the parasite papaya seed and honey combination for 10 days.
    Can you help me? Papaya seeds?!?!
    Thank you

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