Dr Oz, Hungry Girl 4 Week Plan To Lose 10 Lbs, 100 Calorie Snacks, Stuffed Strawberry

Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien’s 4 Week Plan To Lose 10 LBs Eating Large Portions on Dr. Oz

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat large portions of GOOD food and still lose weight?  Well, according to Lisa Lillien (The Hungry Girl) you can do just that.  On Dr. Oz’s March 25, 2014 episode Lisa was back on Dr. Oz to share more of her healthy eating tips and tricks to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.  Being hungry is the biggest reason why diets fail.  This is why Lisa came up with a plan that allows you to eat large portions of food while losing weight, feeling great, and NOT BEING HUNGRY all the time!  Listed below are the 100 calorie snack recipes, 300 calorie breakfast recipes, and 350 lunch and dinner ideas that she shared on today’s show.

Breakfast Ideas That Contain 300 Calories Or Less

Stuffed Strawberries With Ricotta Cheese and Chocolate Chips

Stay away from “empty calorie” breakfasts like muffins.  Eat breakfasts that are high in protein to help ward off hunger and give you energy for sustained periods.  Here are the 300 calorie breakfast ideas that she shared on the show :

Fruit and Yogurt Bowl with High Fiber Cereal – Chop up an apple and make a mixed fruit and Greek yogurt bowl with some high fiber cereal added.  It will be filling, healthy, and will give you much needed energy to get you through the morning.

Growing Oatmeal Bowl – Mix 1/2 cup of instant oats with twice the amount of water or milk that you normally would use.  Also bulk up the oatmeal with fresh berries and egg whites.  It will be high in protein and will keep you feeling full.

Egg Scramble on Flatbread Bun – Make some egg whites and tomato slices.  Add to a high fiber flatbread.  Add some berries on top if you desire.

Hungry Girl’s 100 Calorie Snack Idea’s

Pizza Bella – Using a portobello mushroom as the base add some crushed tomatoes and light string cheese.. Back in the oven and enjoy.

Chocolate Chip Stuffed Strawberries – Who would think that stuffed strawberries with chocolate chips would be on a diet?  Here is what you should do :

* Mix some ricotta cheese with some vanilla extract and no calorie sweetener (Dr. Oz likes Stevia).

* Stuff the strawberries with the ricotta cheese vanilla extract mixture.

* Add some semi sweet chocolate chips on to the stuffed strawberries and enjoy.

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