Dr Oz, GentleMax Pro Colorblind Laser For All Skin Types

Remove Hair Permanently With The GentleMax Pro Colorblind Laser

Dr Oz, Gentlemax Pro Colorblind Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It wasn’t that long ago when laser treatments for hair removal was only available for those with fare skin and dark hair.  This is no longer the case anymore!  This cutting edge new laser featuring double wave technology safely removes hair permanently for all skin types!

Dr Oz invited a woman on to the show to have some unwanted hair removed……off of her butt!!  A dermatologist did the procedure to the woman on stage.  Needless to say she was covered by a sheet.  Amazingly when Dr Oz asked her if the laser hurt and she said no not at all!  She said that it felt cool.  This surprised Dr Oz and said “It feels cool?????”  Wow, this treatment looked really cool.  I’ve wanted to have some hair removed permanently but was always afraid that the laser treatments would be painful and costly.  Also check out and see how the Ultherapy Facelift procedure can make you look years younger.

How Much Does The GentleMax Pro Colorblind Laser Treatment Cost?

The laser treatment costs 300-600 dollars per treatment.  To have hair permanently removed you will need 4-8 treatments.  Each treatment permanently removes 10-15 percent of your hair permanently.  Your hair grows in different cycles so multiple treatments will be needed.  It may sound like a lot of money, but just think how much better you will feel to have unwanted hair removed permanently! Forever!  While it is still costly, I think that the benefits outweigh the costs.

Reviews Of The GentleMax Pro Colorblind Laser

Has anyone tried the GentleMax Laser to remove hair permanently?  If you have tried this procedure please leave a comment below so fellow Dr Oz fans can get a better idea if this treatment is good for them.  Also let us know if the laser treatment is painful and to what degree!  The woman who had the procedure on the show said that it wasn’t painful but I’m not sure if I believe her! lol

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