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Food Swaps To Lose Weight

Ok, so you started your diet at the beginning of the year (yeah me too) but your progress has reached a plateau (yeah me too).  What else can you do to lose those pounds that just don’t want to leave?  Today Dr Oz invited Terri Trespicio on to his show to talk about foods that can boost the flavor but with much less calories than their unhealthy alternatives.  Also be sure to check out the segment on sugar substitute swaps and if they are healthy for you.  If you are looking to lose weight fast, check out the Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet to lose 10 lbs in 7 days!

Coconut Milk Creamer

Dr Oz, Swap Out Your Regular Creamer For Coconut Milk Creamer!

Have you come to the terms that it is very unlikely that you will ever be able to give up your creamer?  Well, if you think all hope is lost, consider swapping out your regular creamer for coconut milk creamer.  If your wondering why coconut milk creamer is the better “swap”, consider this :

  • Coconute milk creamer is soy and dairy free
  • Contains healthy fats
  • Gives your coffee a hearty flavor that you just may enjoy
  • Only costs approximately 3 bucks in grocery stores

Dr Oz put an audience member to the “taste test” and she loved it.  Now, check this out….. Regular creamer has 50 calories.  coconut milk creamer only has 10 calories.  Simply making this daily swap in your morning coffee will having you weighing 12 less pounds in a year!  That’s all I needed to hear!

Sundried Tomato Paste Swap For Ketchup

Regular ketchup that you buy in grocery stores are generally loaded with sugar and sodium.  Try using sundried tomato paste.  You only need a quarter tablespoon to provide all the flavor that you need.  It is 4 times stronger so you don’t need to spread nearly as much on your food.

Calorie breakdown : Ketchup contains 30 calories per serving.  Sundried tomato past has 12.  If you can make this food swap, you will lose an extra 3 pounds a year.  This is another one that I think I could do!

Roasted Garlic

I think this food swap is pretty reliant on if you enjoy garlic.  I love garlic so this is another alternative that I’m going to use.  Swap out butter with roasted garlic.  Regular butter has 100 calories per serving (I probably use more than one serving!) Garlic only has 12 calories.  Making this swap will help you lose an extra 5 pounds a year.  Now we are getting somewhere!

Miso Paste For Salad Dressing

Mix miso paste with vinegar. Then add some lemon juice as an excellent alternative to salad dressing.  Miso also has the added benefit that it is a pro-biotic.  Listen to this!! Salad dressing has 180 calories per serving.  Miso paste has 20!  Make this swap several times a week and you can lose 13 pounds in a year.  These are easy alternatives to make.  Increase your exercise, and just think how much you will lose!

Do You Have Any Healthy Alternative Ideas?

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