Dr Oz, Chris Powell Carb Cycling Weight Loss Diet Plan

Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling Weight Loss Plan

In case you don’t know who Chris Powell is, he  became well known for being the fitness trainer from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.  On today’s show he talked to Dr. Oz about how to Cut Carbs In 1 Week and how carb cycling can help you to succeed on your weight loss plan.  I’ve heard of low carb dieting but haven’t heard of carb cycling.  I was really interested to hear his take during this segment on today’s show.

Chris Powell’s Weight Loss Tips

  • Don’t try to cut out all carbs.  He said that we need carbs to fuel our body.   In fact he said that our metabolism will lower if we don’t have enough carbs in our diet.
  • Eating the right carbs is key.  No, potato chips don’t count I’m sad to say.
  • Open your minds to eating carbs every other day.

Dr Oz :  Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling Plan

Dr Oz : Chris Powell's Carb Cycling Diet Plan

The first day on the carb cylcing plan should be a high carb day.  The send a low carb day.  Repeat this cycle for 6 days.  So, what do you do on the 7th day of the plan?  Eat anything you want! I’m so going to love the 7th day if I decide to give this diet a try!

When and What To Eat On The High Carb Days

  • Eat 5 meals every three hours apart
  • Each meal should contain 1 serving of protein and 1 portion of carbs.  As far as vegetables go, eat as much as you want!

Food Examples For High Carb Days

  • Tuna
  • Turkey
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Chocolate oatmeal shake

Low Carbohydrate Days

  • The low carb days are the days intended to burn fat
  • Eat five meals every three hours
  • Most of your carbs will be eaten in the morning.  Chris gave the suggestion to Dr. Oz a breakfast such as bran cereal, %1 percent milk.  You will have all day to burn the carb intake.

Food Examples To You Eat On Low Carb Days

  • avocado
  • Turkey roll ups
  • Zucchini
  • Squash

The 7th Eat All You Want Day

You can eat whatever you want on the 7th day, but there are a few catches.  Ya, I know, too good to be true right?  If you eat at a restaurant, don’t bring food home in a doggie bag..  You will be tempted tempted to eat the remaining portions shortly after you arrive home.  When your out in a restaurant order what you want but also be sensible at the same time. (Dinner shouldn’t be at Baskin-Robbins?)

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